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Grandparents and extended family mediation

Grandparents can provide valuable reassurance and be a vital stabilising influence when children are facing major changes in their lives. Children need to know that they are loved, that it is not their fault and that they have someone to talk to about their feelings.

Most grandparents don’t wish to be caught up in the marital problems of their children; they just wish to continue to have a loving relationship with their grandchildren and to be a part of their lives. This cannot be achieved unless they have the full co-operation of the children’s parents.

If the relationship has broken down you may want initially to make approaches such as writing an empathetic letter showing respect for the decisions that have been made and carefully requesting contact.

If the response back does not give the contact that you feel is needed or you feel uncomfortable about approaching your grandchild’s parent (s) mediation can help.

Mediation can offer a flexible and informal way to help re-establish contact with your grandchildren.

Within mediation the parties can explore the reasons for the breakdown of relationship, establish realistic expectations of each other, regain trust of one another and look at possibilities for restoring contact.

Mediation is voluntary and is only effective with willing participants. Mediation provides a safe environment for families to make decisions that are in the best interests of the children.

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